Who is making your strap

We wear the Couch Guitar Straps and belts we make and ship you.

Jay Matt
Dan Chirper
Reuben Ilse
Dustin Nani

Jay Pezzelle

Product Designer, Production Lead

Jay has formal training in fashion design and merchandising from the internationally acclaimed fashion program at Orange Coast College where tons of famous designers like our mentor Neil Harrison of Volcom cut their teeth. Lately he's even been teaching there part time! Jay has worked at tons of giant action sports and fashion houses like the immense Fox Racing, and Harvey's Handbags and has his own line of accessories called Whodini Handmade. Jay likes to make your strap while listening to metal and classic rock, roll around on his motorcycle and van, and plays bass through his Peavey Amp. And yes that is a sewing machine tattooed on his arm.

Matt Fry

Captain of The Ship

Matt pretty much runs the day-to-day operations at Couch as far as answering your questions and making sure your order gets out. He also helps schedule and control the flow of what's getting made and who's doing what. He also plays gutiar in active Silverlake trio The Happy Hollows and can often be found on the road with the band leaving us to fill in for him around the shop.

Daniel Perkins

Founder, Designer, President, or  (Big Chief)

Dan started Couch out of his garage in 1999 and is stoked to see how his idea has grown into a thriving company involving the skills and contributions of so many talented people. When not designing, making and shipping your straps, Dan plays his Jazzmaster in his 60'sfolk and soul band California Lions who perform regularly and have licensed several songs to film and television.


Parrot, African, Senegal

Chirper was once a wild parrot flying around the palm trees of Long Beach when she first befriended us. She comes to Couch most every day where she is particularly fond of eating guitar straps. We like her anyway. Occasionally she enjoys riding shotgun on our arm or shoulder while we run the sewing machine.

Reuben Kaiban

Shipping, Customer Relations, Design & Production

Reuben is pretty much the main man here when it comes to strap production and also helps out here and there with shipping and design. His band White Murder, that Maximum Rock & Roll Magazine describes as "LA's female fronted punk gang", can often be found touring up and down the west coast. Reuben also plays in a band born here at Couch with fellow Couch members Jay and Nani called The Boogie Mamas who can often be found late night at some LA or OC bar tearing it up.

Ilse Bacca

Media Relations, Web stuff, Product Design

Ilse is a founding member of Couch from way back when and helped shape Couch to what it is today. She's a vegan, has great style, is passionate about animal rights, and has toured the world with Couch Straps on her Thunderbird Bass. That's what we'd call a great fit here at Couch! Ilse now works remotely from her home in London, but still is a big part of Couch.

Dustin Lovelis


When not on tour singing harmonies with his Long Beach, CA band The Fling, Dustin can often be found at Couch making your straps. Dustin is an attention-to-detail-master, and, like the intricate songs he writes, each strap Dustin makes is a work of art. His moved on largely to other things, but we keep him here in our "Couch Hall Of Fame" as ode to the contibutions he's made.



Nani first came to COUCH to do two things: Kick ass and chew bubblegum. And he's all out of bubblegum! He likes to draw silly things on your packages, so if you see (for example) an ice cream riding a unicorn into the sunset, that is most likely his handywork. When he isn't making wallets he is rocking power chords with the Boogie Mamas or fingerpicking with his bluesgrass band, Bottled Spirits. Catch him on the flip side!



We call her Bird because she's constantly flying around the warehouse doing all the odds and ends that keep COUCH running smooth! Bird came to us through the fashion program at Orange Coast College, and we couldn't be happier to have her helping us out. She likes punk rock, chips, and long walks on the beach. You can catch her deep in the mosh pit with her Doc Martins on.