Stylish, extra durable, cruelty-free and made in the USA.
About Us
At Couch Guitar Straps you can buy stylish, extra-durable, cruelty-free guitar straps, cool wallets, and camera straps made in the USA. We strive to use 25% recycled materials in our products. We offer a bunch of cool styles and colors, and our prices are affordable without compromising quality
Spruce up that guitar of yours with our handmade guitar straps, more original than that big box music retailer strap and more durable than that cheaply made fashion designer one. Treat yourself to one of our Couch guitar straps: seat belt guitar straps, racing stripe guitar straps, vintage luggage guitar straps or new artist series silk screened guitar straps. Way better than leather, our vintage guitar straps, cool wallets and camera straps are made of vinyl and car seatbelt material, and adjust up to 6 inches longer than your average strap for those of us who are bigger and who like to play low.

We use a lot of found materials, like never-before used upholstery vinyl which would have ended up in landfills had we not found a new purpose for these beautiful but forgotten materials.  After all, car companies paid a designer to come up with totally fantastic upholstery to make their cars look amazing, so you've got classic, timeless style in all the materials we use in our cool wallets, camera straps and guitar strapsCouch guitar straps are perfect guitar straps for girls.

Lead the way. Rock a Couch Guitar Strap. Since 1999.