Vintage Black Cadillac Hard-Top Racer X Guitar Strap

Vintage Black Cadillac Hard-Top Racer X Guitar Strap

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Vintage Black Cadillac Hard-Top Racer X Guitar Strap


The Couch Vintage Black Cadillac Hard Top Racer X Strap is made from the very last odd yardage of vinyl labeled "Cadillac Hard-Top" we found at one of the oldest upholstery vinyl shops in the industrial district near downtown Los Angeles. We immediately pictured our good friend Peter's beautifully re-finished vintage 60's Black Fleetwood Cadillac. This is the exact type of car you'd find this resilient upholstery vinyl on the outer hard top of these classics.

The beautiful very dark grey color of this vinyl that is similar to a standard black, but more complex! It has a shiny sheen to it, and almost a vague hint of metallic green if you look really close. Like plain black though, this sharp strap goes with most any guitar.

A note about the color- we photographed this strap in a few different lighting situations to give you an idea about the color. The photos on the concrete were taken in neutral outdoor lighting and represent a very accurate depiction of the color of this unique vinyl. The shot of Jay, our handmade guru, with guitar gives you an idea how the strap might appear closer to black in some lighting conditions. This vinyl also available as a camera strap and as a Luggage Stitched Cadillac Sunburst Guitar Strap.