How To Attach A Banjo Strap

Banjo straps are have very different ends than guitar straps. Basically guitars usually have "buttons" on each end that allows a strap-end with a keyhole shape to securely fit over each button. Most banjos on the other hand only have brackets around the resonator/head area of the banjo so you need something that wraps securely around these pegs.


Couch production assistant Nani wanted us to make his girlfriend Sally a strap for her banjo so he brought it in to the studio yesterday. We were brainstorming different ways to attach the end to the brackets when it hit us that same attachments we use for our camera straps would work great for securing a strap onto the brackets of a banjo! Next thing we know we have a brilliant Brown Western Print Banjo Strap that works perfect.


Notice in the pictures that you will loop your ends around each bracket on the front and back of the main body of the banjo and not way up at the headstock the end of the neck like you will when attaching a strap to an acoustic guitar. On our strap you can use the end straps also to adjust the length of the strap too.

As you can see, Sally was stoked on her new strap!


BTW, we liked how our straps are nice and wide which makes for a comfortable hold for your banjo.


We'll be putting these new banjo straps up on the site soon, but if you must have one now, just order it as any camera strap on our site and put in the "comments" section of your order "make as banjo strap" and we'll sort the rest out for you. This one pictured is the "Brown Western" so put that in there too.

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