How To Attach A Guitar Strap To An Acoustic Guitar

We get a lot of questions about whether our guitar straps will work with acoustic guitars, and the answer is yes, Couch Vegan Guitar Straps, any guitar straps for that matter work with acoustic guitars. The question arises because many acoustics have only one "button" on the back side of the guitar to attach to a strap, but none on the the front side.

Basically all you need is a piece of string, a shoe string works fine, and you use this to connect the front of your strap the the headstock of your beautiful new Taylor Guitar (or our old junky Fender solid top we keep around the office pictured here)  and you're ready to go.

If you buy a strap from us, and you need to attach it to an acoustic, just put in the comments section at time of order that you need the "acoustic string" and we'll try to throw one in for you for free.

In any event, here's some quick pics to go with a more detailed explanation on how to do this. Yes it's really easy:-)

Start by taking your string, about 25 to 30 inches works will give you extra, and running through the keyhole on the front of your strap. Tie a knot close to the hole.

run your string through the front tab and tie a knot just below, you can even go closer than the one here.


Next run one side of the string through the headstock of your guitar and tie a knot on the other side.

run one side of the string through the headstock of your acoustic guitar


tie a know on the end. you can cut off the extra string if you'd like


That's about it, basically just attach the back to the back button on the guitar and you're ready to go. Again we use a special waxed string often used in making beaded necklaces, but any thing will do as long as it's thin enough to fit under your strings at the headstock. Easy!

2 thoughts on “How To Attach A Guitar Strap To An Acoustic Guitar”

  • alissab.

    Oh man! It's totally my fault, but I didn't see this when I ordered my strap! D: I need one of those cords!

  • Ritesh

    Thank you, this article was the most helpful to me. :) I used a plastic string instead of the waxed string since I didn`t have the waxed string.

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