Couch Belt Sizing + How To Know What Belt Size You Are

How to know what belt size you are. Couch Belt Sizing- how to know what belt size you are.

All you need to know about Couch Belt Sizes is in the chart above.

Now that you know how our belts are sized you can figure out what size Couch Belt fits you best. Here are some quick tips:

  1. DO NOT USE YOUR PANT SIZE TO FIGURE OUT YOUR BELT SIZE! We get a lot of returns from people saying their belt is too small. One of the main reasons is most designers "Vanity Size" their pants, so that you think you have a smaller waist than you actually do. Check this chart out we found in an article on it shows also how much this can vary from designer to designer. We wear for instance size "30" and "34" pants from different designers that fit the exactly the same!


So How Do You Do It?

2)  Measure A Belt You Already Have To Get Your Belt Size Find a belt of your own or from someone else that seems to fit for your normal average use. Measure the number of inches from the center hole (or the hole you use) to the center post of the buckle.* Compare the measurement you get to our chart. Match the size that's closest to our Center-Post-To-Hole length and you're done.

3) When In Doubt Round Up

4) We've Got Your Back
Know that if for any reason your belt still doesn't fit just send it back within 30 days and we'll exchange it! Hopefully this blog will drastically reduce the chances of that ever happening in the first place. Rock! Couch.

*Regarding Step 2, To get your measurement if you don't have a belt you can do the same thing with a tape measure or piece of string. Wearing a pair of well-fitting pants, run a soft tape measure or piece of string through the belt loops of your pants and you can get the same measurement that way to get your "center post to center hole" measurement.

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