Wilco At The Hollywood Bowl: Nels Cline Rocked Our Faces Off

We celebrated our Los Angeles Indian Summer last night by bringing a bottle of wine and some BBQ Kettle Chips to The Hollywood Bowl to catch Wilco on their last night of a long tour. We love Wilco, but to be honest we're not sure how prepared we were for how amazing their live show is. Something about the sweet, low registered mumblings of a Jeff Tweedy song getting worked up in the middle into an art rock riot by guitar anti-hero Nels Cline gives Wilco a sound all their own.


At some point halfway through the show we noticed Nels was still using that same old Couch Racer X Guitar Strap he got around 7 years ago from True Tone Music in Santa Monica. Like we mention in the first Couch Blog entry a few years back, we continue to be blown away that that strap is still going strong, especially with the way Nels plays. As the show progressed we counted a total of 4 Couch Straps on his guitars. It was so cool because on the Megatron TV Screen we could these were all first generation Couch Straps that came from out of our Long Beach apartment garage in the mid 2000's. The tell tale sign was the little yellow "Couch" labels on the tabs that were printed on photo paper from our Epson printer and sewn under clear plastic. Someone contact Nels and tell him we'd love to get him more straps! Seriously though, it really made us thankful to see a musician we so much admire and respect using our straps.

    Thank you Nels


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