Carrie Brownstein of Wild Flag Live At Coachella

We were watching our favorite band's Youtubes for Coachella 2012- and that certainly includes Portland Oregon's (and D.C.'s) Wildflag's performance of their single Romance. We already had seen their SXSW 2012 version, but the quality of this one's much better. Anyway, holy crap, guitarist Carrie Brownstein is fully rocking a Couch Beige and Brown 80's Mercedes Guitar Strap on her '78 Guild S-100 Delux Guitar!

Carrie Brownstein of Wildflag at 2012 Coachella


Nothing warms our heart more at Couch than when musicians we are actual and honest big fans of show up using our straps.

Carrie Brownstein


We had even blogged the SXSW performance on one of our Facebook pages, even though Carrie at the time was wearing a Built By Wendy strap in that video. But hey we liked the band and weren't so worried about promoting our straps. (and Built By Wendy are great straps too, we own one from way back in the late 90's). Of course Carrie is also the star and co-developer of the Independent Film Channel sketch comedy show Portlandia alongside Saturday Night Live's Fred Armisen. Ironically, even though she's been in great bands like Sleater-Kinney, and now Wild Flag, for years, most people might know her from her acting side job on Portlandia. That show is so hilarious we watched about every episode on our Netflix stream in a weekend or so, so it's no wonder.

Thanks Carrie, go Wild Flag!

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