Live On Colbert Report!!!

Bass player Jeff Turmes with Jeff Tweedy of Wilco and Stephen Hodges (Paul McCartney, Billy Corgan, Tom Waits etc). Jeff, who is also featured in this month's Bass Player Magazine wears a Couch Racer X Strap. Jeff Turmes is legendary blues and roots music side man who has played along legends like Mavis Staples, Tom Waits (on The Tonight Show), The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Canned Heat and Peter Case.

Jeff Turmes, Stephen Hodges and Jeff Tweedy Live On The Colbert Report


Jeff is pictured here on The Colbert Report with Jeff Tweedy Stephen Hodges in support of his own new solo record Five Horses, Four Riders. Jeff messaged us to tell us he likes his Couch Black and White Racer X Guitar Strap, which he's wearing here dead center in image. Thanks Jeff!!

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