How To Install Schaller Strap Locks To Your Guitar Strap

We've gotten a good number of emails from people who can't seem to get their guitar strap ends through the larger Schaller Strap Locks shaft. Actually if you look around a few guitar forums you'll find a lot of people seem to be having this issue. Our buddy João Pinheiro in Lisbon Portugal was having this problem and he discovered a handy little guide on the Basschat Forum on how to "re-engineer" your strap to fit these strap locks.
Now we're not here to criticize Schaller, but someone aptly posted on the forum "Good instructions, but sorry, I'm not going to go through all this hassle to re engineer something that Schaller should have bothered to design and manufacture properly in the first place. -5 out of 10 for Schaller!" He does seem to make a point!

We don't use strap locks on our guitars so we can't tell you if all strap locks are like Schaller, but our guess is you might have better luck with Dunlop Strap Locks, Mighty Might Strap Locks, ProLine or Fender Strap Locks for sure, but if you've got Schallers and you insist, it's actually not that hard to do the fix, João took some great shots that show how it can be pretty cheap and easy to do.
Basically you buy a 10mm leather hole punch ( Google it or try Tandy Leather, these things are pretty inexpensive).

Use this tool to blast a bigger hole in the strap to fit over your strap lock. That simple.

João has a hammer here, but a rubber mallet works best. Make sure to use cardboard or a soft surface beneath your end tab and then line it up and carefully give it a good wack.

This should make the hole big enough to fit over your strap lock. Done!

Now you can get back to rocking.
Thanks João for the photos.


Okay about a week after we originally posted this another Couch customer, Christopher Masters of Redford Michigan posted that "[He has] Schallers on all of my Couch straps, and I have not had to do anything like this.

I prefer the tight fit, as it gives me an added sense of security when I'm doing things that I probably shouldn't be doing with my bass. They fit without modification - trust me."

Okay cool so now you at least have some options and ideas if you have these kind of strap locks- May 11 at 1:37pm Couch Facebook Page
Hope this helps- Couch


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