Silversun Pickups perform "Panic Switch" on David Letterman

A long time ago we saw And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead performing live on The David Letterman Show and after a less-than-enthralling performance, Dave stood up and literally said "Gentlemen, don't quit your day jobs". It didn't sound to us like he was kidding.

The Silversun Pickups got entirely the opposite effect recently after performing their new single "Panic Switch" on Late Night with David Letterman. Their song and performance is great, and David SURELY agrees. It's a joy to watch him freak out at the end, he's clearly digging it. The drumming rules too and Dave makes sure to say so. Thanks Nikki for still wearing your Couch Skullphone Vegan Guitar Strap too, you rule.
David Letterman points to Nikki of Silversun Pickups after their performance
Dave points to Nikki after the performance, cool Skullphone strap!


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