New Wilco Video Out, Nels Cline Wears His Couch Strap

Tim W. From Deitze Music in the Omaha emailed us the other day to mention that "Avante-Guitarist" Nels Cline is wearing his Couch  Guitar Strap in the brand new Wilco  movie/DVD "Ashes of American Flags" (Nonesuch Records)!

The movie, about  "American's Best Live Band" (NPR), won "Best Cinematography" at The Big Sky Film Festival too:


Nels' main guitar is this old black Fender Jazzmaster (maybe Jaguar), he's playing it in almost every shot with a black and white Racer X!

Wilcos Nels Cline with Couch Strap and Grolsch Straplocks


Is that a Grolsch Beer Bottle Strap lock on Nels' Guitar!? Didn't we just do a post on those last week?! (see below). That's great.

And look at the finish on that guitar! Man he gets some mileage out of his gear.

How long does a Couch Strap last anyway? As far as we know, Nels got that Black and White Racer X Guitar Strap from Ken at True Tone Music in Santa Monica at least 4 or 5 years ago. We decided to do a quick Google Image Search to see what showed up, and, as you can see, we found tons of great shots. Looks like Nels is getting some serious mileage out of his Couch strap: nelscline3

nelscline_solo_large nels3 nels-cline-2 


Nels' career of course began long before Wilco. Here's some stuff from his Wikipedia Page:

"Cline has performed on over 150 albums in the jazz, pop, rock, and experimental pop music genres. Cline has also performed and recorded with punk rock hero Mike Watt in his touring bands, as well as with members of Sonic Youth and country music legend Willie Nelson, and in the jazz/punk/improv band Banyan with Watt and ex-Jane's Addiction drummer Stephen Perkins. He continues to expand his audience as a member of the Grammy-winning rock band Wilco, which he joined in early 2004. He was later featured in the cover story of Guitar Player Magazine for his newfound collaboration with the band. In February, 2007, Cline was chosen by Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the Top 20 New Guitar Gods given the title "The Avant Romantic".

For more on the new Wilco movie, go to:

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