A Free Beer With Every Straplock!?

This is well known in some circles and less in others, but did you know that the little red washers used on ceramic Grolsch Beerbottletops work excellent as strap locks?


We at Couch Guitar Straps like them because we're not really that into drilling into our guitars, or for that matter spending the money on strap locks.

We first heard about this from the Kyle Tomkins Blog.  Kyle is a guy from Blackouteffectors.com who make great boutique guitar effects. He was trying out macro shots on a new Sony A100 camera and decided to do some shots of  his home-made strap locks and our  now-sold-out Deadstock Flowers Vintage Vinyl Guitar Strap:



Another friend said an old roadie of the Eagles or something told him about it. Anyway, we tried it out and these thing work great, plus Grolsch is pretty good beer. 

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