A Brief History of Cadillac Fleetwoods and The Flying Nun (Wallet)

It was the mid 1970's in Detroit and the world was changing and auto workers in Detroit were striking when General Motors assembly worker John Zammit came up with the idea for a special automated machine to most efficiently put the outer hardtops on the big Cadillac Cars of the era.

Cadillac General Motors Flying Nun Commemorative Trophy For the Invention of The Cadillac Flying Nun Hardtop Installation Machine

According to John's son Joe, John had been trying to get it built and when guys were slowing down production on purpose and sending and Cadillacs out into the parking lot with no rooftops. John walked into the plant manager and threw down the plans on his desk. The guy barely looked at the plans and said "I can see you have done a lot of work on this. Go ahead and build it."

FullSizeRender John Zammit conducts an assembly line meeting with top General Motors executives about the Flying Nun (seen in the background)

John is  80 years old now and he was mentioning to his son recently that everybody has a moment of glory in their life. In his professional career having all those GM big wigs loving his invention and seeing it get put to major use was his moment of glory and he has his trophy, and place in automotive history, to show for it.

Wallets Made of The Actual General Motors Assembly Line of the mid 1970's only from Couch- courtesy of john Zammit the inventor of The Flying Nun.

What is SO cool is that John has shared with us his last bit of the actual Cadillac Hardtop Vinyl from the actual Flying Nun line of the 1970's and allowed us to make a HIGHLY LIMITED collector's edition wallet set so we can share his place in history with others. Oh man our job is SOOO fun here! Check the description for Cadillac Flying Nun Wallet and get one while they last. Incidentally we make a lot of other really cool stuff to out of 70's and 80's Cadillac Hardtop Vinyl here at Couch including these Guitar Straps and Camera Straps. Check them all out, and thanks to John Zammit and his son Joe for literally sharing thier story and a lieral piece of history by providing us with this vinyl and allowing us to make these Made in USA vintage vinyl automotive wallets.


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