Couch Sponsored Tijuana Panther's Pop-Up Show Goes Off!

panterslr_n9dy1wZHsB1qcccogo1_1280 Tijuana Panthers at Couch Pop Up Show at Cherry Park.

We finished up summer here at Couch recently by getting involved in helping to create a fun, free, all ages live concert for the kids around LA and Long Beach with Tijuana Panthers. And man it was so fun!!! In celebration of their new release Wayne Interest on Innovative Leisure Records the band decided it wanted help organizing a last-minute-announced free show here in Long Beach at Cherry Park.

We obliged. As plans got carried further a double decker London bus trip was organized for the band and their fans, picking them up and bringing them first to The Pike Bar for a quick free show and then onto the ocean view park where we had pro sound waiting for them on the big old Spanish style public stage. Check the video! http://

Tons of kids and even some of us old folks turned out and it was such a blast and it was such a great way to celebrate summer- with a band that creates summery a the4 California.....with dancing....... Thanks to Scotty Coats and Innovative Leisure Records, Kato Space, and Justin Hectus for your help and big ups to The City Of Long Beach for your cooperation too. The Tijuana Panthers rule!

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