Couch On The BBC!

Thanks to Jim Resnick of BBC Auto for the rad article on Couch!

Yes we make a lot of stuff out of old and new automotive upholstery vinyl.

Thanks Jim for letting the BBC audience in the UK know they can order a strap, wallet or belt from factory floor to their door in about a week or two. Check the article out here.

Vintage GTO and Firebirds Vintage GTO and Firebirds, we make stuff out the stuff in the trunk
The Vintage GTO Guitar Strap. This strap made from stuff in those cars' trunks- The Vintage GTO Guitar Strap.

Just in case it wasn't clear, we use old vinyl originally intended to upholster these cars, we are in no way affiliated with these companies, this is just the vinyl often used by the manufactures when they made these cars.....but we do think the vinyl is rad and we love the cars and this is fun!

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