Blondie Plays Isle of Wight Festival- Guitarist Tommy Wears Skullphone Strap!

Blondie guitarist Tommy Kessler sent us some pics of the band at the giant Isle Of Wight Festival in England. We are definitely digging that Tommy has a Dark Red Skullphone Guitar Strap on his guitar!

Tommy Kessler of Blondie with Couch Skullphone Guitar Strap At Ilse of Wight


Blondie At Pacific Amphitheatre

When the band finally made it to California a few weeks later we were stoked to see that Tommy was still wearing the Skullphone Strap, pictured here between Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Debbie Harrie and Chris Stein as well as Leigh Foxx. By the way, we've been told that Chris Stein is now wearing a None More White Guitar Strap. Nice. Oh and Tommy, thanks for inviting us back stage, the show was a blast!!

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