Limited Edition Jet Age Slimline II Wallet

Limited Edition Jet Age Slimline II Wallet

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Limited Edition Jet Age Slimline II Wallet


This 30+ year old limited edition shade of blue vinyl reminds us of the the old 50's and 60's TWA planes and uniforms of the Golden Age of Air Travel, known as the "Jet Age". This super 60's Racer Stripe look and colorway has been in demand as a Passport Wallet, but we always get asked "Hey why don't you make this as a Billfold and Slimline?" Okay done!

This Slimline version of our Jet Age Wallet came out amazing. The vintage racing stripe look happens only on one side of the wallet for a sharp pop of color and a vintage blue and black utilitarian look on the other. If you're the type that just needs something to carry a few cards and a bit of cash folded over, then this is the perfect wallet for you.

This Limited Edition Slimline also works great for a front pocket wallet, and in tighter pants and jeans. We actually have one of these we use just on the weekends or when we have a gig. We just put in our ID, ATM and bit of cash, and it fits perfectly into our tightly tailored 60's mod suit. We make these by hand cutting each pattern out with our 16 ton die cutter, and then hand silk-screening a Couch logo pattern on the inside, leaving it unlined for a slimmer profile.

Made in USA, handmade by dudes in California on some serious heavy duty machinery. Rock. Couch.