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We could tell you our cool wallets are upcycled, just like our guitar straps, camera straps, belts and bags. Yes, and we could tell you they're also incredibly affordable, especially since owning one is like owning a piece of history. After all, you've got a piece of genuine vintage Pontiac GTO upholstery right there (or a Vintage Volkswagen, or others) in your wallet. But what will really matter when you see a Couch Wallet for the first time is its sheer simple style and functionality.  What's not to love about a sky-blue houndstooth vintage vinyl vegan billfold wallet for example?  We use the same exact materials used in our Couch Guitar straps, which have been worn by musicians worldwide since 1999.

The same concept that goes into all our products also goes into our cool wallets for men. It should be possible to own a beautiful, durable cruelty-free man's wallet and still have money left to put inside it after you buy it. We know you're too smart to purchase an overpriced fashion billfold wallet. Welcome to Couch Wallets, made from vintage materials right here in the U.S.A. at our California Workshop. We also make checkbook wallets and passport covers. Right in our cruelty-free workshop, we carefully cut vintage and new materials which just never made it to the assembly line...80's GMC truck bench upholstery, for example. No longer bound for the landfill, this beautifully designed vinyl material gets a new life in the form of our super cool wallets, checkbook wallets, passport holders...all kinds of slim vegan leather wallets.

We know men love a slim billfold wallet so most of our cool wallets for men are unlined for a slimmer profile. We use parallel spring snaps which provide the slimmest,  most secure closure to help ensure our credit card wallets won't fall open on the go.  Keep in mind that with our coolest mens wallets and passport holders you're often getting a limited edition piece. There is not an endless supply of deadstock vinyl. Once we run out, that's it. Forever.