Runway Yellow Luggage Guitar Strap


Runway Yellow Luggage Guitar Strap


Sometimes working at Couch can be pretty fun. For instance, a while back we were noticing that shades of yellow seem to be all over the runway. The strap definitely pops in this photo of our pal Jorgs' violet stratocaster!

We found a pop bright sunshine yellow vinyl, backed it with white, and then did an alternating yellow to white luggage stitch detail running up the strap. What the heck, we figured we'd take it even a step further in intense attention to detail so we decided to use white end tabs to add a perfect finish to this yellow and white motif.

Notice how good this vegan USA Made Sweatshop Free Couch Runway Yellow Luggage Guitar Strap looks on this sweet vintage telecaster! We originally made only 60 or so of these straps, mostly for fun, but those sold out so we've done some more. Now you can have fun with the strap and your guitar rocking.