The Orange and Army "John Cale" Racer X Guitar Strap

Orange and Army Racer X Guitar Strap

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The Orange and Army "John Cale" Racer X Guitar Strap


Way back in the day, when we were first making guitar straps out of our Long Beach California apartment garage, we were attending the giant Sunset Junction Music Festival in Los Angeles' Silverlake neighborhood. Suddenly, amongst thousands, we noticed Velvet Underground rock legend John Cale using our strap!!! Considering that Velvet Underground is pretty much one of our favorite bands of all time, we were pretty honored and even more blown away. 

The Orange and Army Green strap pictured here with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer John Cale was first made as a limited edition of 16 straps years ago. So we thought, "What the Heck!" and made a few more. It could be years before we make more of these, but for now they are available again. Thank you John for your early support, in way you gave us the boost to really get this thing going.

Rock, Couch.