The Grey Luggage Guitar Strap

The Grey Luggage Guitar Strap

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The Grey Luggage Guitar Strap


The Grey Luggage Strap is an exercise in basic grey and black attention-to-detail industrial art. Notice the black vinyl backing and the black thread double stitched over the grey front side. The metal hardware on this double stitched luggage strap perfectly complements the grey vinyl, kinda like chrome does on a classic car. No frills, no froo froo, nothing but the simplicity and coolness of grey black and chrome.

We are digging this strap, In fact, we've got one on our Rickenbacker right now, it's our new favorite.

A new classic in cool guitar straps - or electric bass straps!

Anti Sweatshop Cruelty free. Vegan. Double stitched on both sides, all stainless steel metal hardware. 3 hand-tooled rivets on the back tab. 1/2 foot longer than the average strap, made in USA so that you may rock.

Beautiful. Simple. Sturdy. Strong. Couch. Rock.