Guitar Straps

Cool Custom Guitar Straps for the Rocker in You

You'd like a guitar strap that's as unique as you are, but you don't want  to pay for an overpriced strap.  You want comfort, style and affordability.  Plus, wouldn't it be great if you could work in sweatshop-free as well?  After all, a guitar strap is an accessory to your art (especially if it's one of our custom guitar straps)...the idea of someone suffering incredibly low wages to bring you affordable, cool guitar straps, well it just kind of kills the mood. We make our cool guitar straps right here in California.  There's definitely no suffering taking place, since we love what we do.  We're proud that not only are these gorgeous guitar straps made in the USA, but they're also vegan.   Plus, our acoustic guitar straps are made of upcycled materials as well.

Why vegan?

Several reasons, none of which involving us being weird about it.  (See our About Us page).  You see, most of our guitar straps are vinyl, which is vegan since it uses no animal products.  Yup, completely man-made!

  1. Most of our cool guitar straps and custom guitar straps are from vintage car materials, which are vinyl.
  2. Not that we don't appreciate leather guitar straps, but it's not always the best choice.  If you play guitar and you also happen to sweat, you really don't want a strap material that's going to absorb moisture, unless you like the idea of growing mushrooms in the case. The hot, moist conditions surrounding sweat-filled leather guitar straps in a case are ideal growing conditions for fungus.
  3. Vinyl guitar straps are sturdy yet feel good on the shoulder.

Why upcycled?

Well aside from the fact that we're using found materials for our acoustic guitar straps (and others), which means less junk in the landfills, you've got a little piece of automitve history right there on your shoulder.  How about acoustic guitar straps made from '70's Volkswagen Beetle upholstery?  Bass guitar straps made from the trunk liner intended for a late 60's Ford Mustang?  These materials were just sitting in warehouses, never used, and in perfect condition.  Now they have a new life as Couch Guitar Straps.  Check us out for your next Fender guitar strap or Martin guitar strap, or whatever guitar you rock, we've got straps and custom guitar straps for you..