Camera Straps

Custom Camera Shoulder Straps

Like our guitar straps, the camera shoulder straps we make are made of vegan, upcycled materials right here in the USA.  Same sweatshop-free, beautifully designed strap quality but smaller, for your camera. Most of our vegan camera shoulder straps are limited edition because production is often limited to what's left over after we're done making guitar straps.  It takes about 100 guitar straps to end up with enough material for just 4 or 5 retro camera straps.

Many of our custom camera straps are also reversible, and hand-stitched to the same rugged standards as our guitar straps.  You know they'll be strong, since the material is also used to hold up heavy guitars.  You know they'll be comfortable because they're made of 2-inch wide comfy soft vegan vinyl (this is not a leather camera strap).  The wide style of our custom camera straps means you can wear them one-shoulder style without the strap digging into your skin.  Wear your camera like a rock star guitar player and still enjoy the comfort of the two-shoulder style.

Same strength, same gorgeous style, and same upcycled sources: our custom camera straps are quickly becoming the strap of choice for more and more professional photographers who want something more than the Nikon camera straps you see everywhere.  Who can resist the idea of upcycled luggage, lovingly crafted into the widest, most comfortable, cool and affordable camera strap on the market. We also make narrower 1.5 inch camera straps and even wrist straps and super thin Leica styles too.

The materials: we use a lot of what's called deadstock.  This is already-manufactured material that's been sitting around often for decades, unused but totally usable.  It's in perfect condition, it's never been used, yet it brings a little history with it.  Take for example our Vintage Auto Vinyl Camera Shoulder Straps  like our 70's Vintage Volkswagen Camera Strap  or our Blue GTO Trunk Liner Camera Strap. Or how can you resist the brown perforated vintage vinyl like that found in old 70's El Caminos?  These deadstock materials were designed to make cars look great, so you just know your camera strap will look great too.