Couch In The Blogs + Patchwork Craft Spring Craft Fairs Coming Up

The indie craft revolution is, in our humble opinion, a major element in solving the economic woes of the today's western world. The indie craft revolution gives a chance for the buyer of a product to have a direct connection with the person who designed and made the product. Thus the buyer gets the love and attention and demand for quality that can only be given when the designer is making something in smaller batches at "home". On the other side, the designer doesn't have to share the money from each sale with some corporate board, management layers, and faraway nameless factories in that old product design model that required things be made so cheaply in the first place. Seriously, people are quitting jobs all over the place to sell their hand made wares in craft fairs, and on sites like etsy. This is so cool and we at Couch are proud to be on the forefront of this movement.


Also leading the way is Southern California designer Random Nicole who helps to create The Patchwork Craft Fairs and even is starting to lead Indie Busimess and DIY symposiums like the upcoming Craftification in Venture. Nicole had a quick interview with us her blog earlier this year.
Now that it's Spring we'll be kicking it outdoors to celebrate soon enough at The Patchwork Craft Fairs coming up here soon in the Los Angeles area. Move on up!

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