The Muffs Still Going Strong!

It was by a random act of Facebookness that we ran into these profile pictures of The Muff's Kim Shattuck with her Racer X Couch Guitar Strap the other day!


We've been fans of The Muffs since we were little kids so it's always brilliant at Couch when we see people we love and admire choosing to use our stuff! The Muffs started way back in 1991 with US singles on indie labels Sub Pop and Sympathy For The Record Industry that led to the band getting signed to Warner Brothers Records. They've had something like 4 albums since then and have licensed songs in the film "Clueless", video game Rock Band 2, TV series Buffy The Vampire Slayer and even a national Canadian Milk Commercial.


We saw the Muffs play in LA a while back and they sounded as great as ever! The band is still going strong, they just played a show with Seattle power pop legends The Fastbacks, and The Muffs are finishing work on their 6th studio album as we speak.


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