Rival Sons Play The George Lopez Show

It was awesome to see Couch friends Rival Sons rule the The George Lopez Show the other night.


That's bassist Robin Everhart there in the middle between George Lopez and singer Jay with his Fender Bass and Couch Limited Edition Deadstock Flowers Guitar Strap. Nice!


Most of these guys are actually from around Long Beach where we live and are all solid players- we've been enjoying hearing them in various bands for years. It seems like all's clicking with The Rival Sons though, they are signed to EMI's Earache Records, Classic Rock Magazine just called them "America's Best New Band", they've toured with Alice Cooper, licensed their music for Izod and Jeremiah Weed, just played Center Stage at The 2011 Indianapolis 500, and even the dude who did their album art also did the epic Pink FLoyd The Wall cover art. These rockers are currently in Japan and will be touring all of Europe with Judas Priest and Queensryche most of the fall. Metal! BTW have you heard Rival Son's singer Jay sing? It's pretty insane, check the video here. BTW, The George Lopez show just got canceled, reportedly due to a weak lead-in by Conan O'Brien, so these guys had one of the last performances on the show.

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