Couch On Showtime's Californication!


Our girlfriend was watching the Season 2 DVD of the popular Showtime television series Californication when she noticed leading character Becca was wearing a Black Victorian Byloos Guitar Strap to hold up her Gibson Les Paul Guitar! We kind of forgot about it though until our new friend Adrian emailed us yesterday to remind us, and also took the time to send us these screen caps. These caps are from Episodes 2 and 3 of Season 4 of Californication ("Suicide Solution" and "Home Sweet Home" respectively). Thanks Adrian! In the series, Becca plays guitar in her band The Queens of Dogtown.

By the way, it looks like she has the strap "reversed" in one of these pics showing the 30 year old vintage vinyl we originally used on these till it sold out and was replaced with a different deadstock pattern:


The Cool thing is we somehow just found more of this original vintage Byloos backing vinyl and just completed a new run of the Original Black Byloos Guitar Straps as well as the vintage-yellow-vinyl-out Original Reverse Byloos. We highly doubt we'll be able to find more of this stuff twice, so get one while you can.

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