New Silversun Pickups Video Out, Nikki Wears Her Skullphone Guitar Strap

Los Angeles' Silversun Pickups just released their record Happy Swoon and in their new video for their song Panic Switch, stylish Silversun bass guitar player Nikki Monninger continues to rock her Limited Edition Artist Series Skullphone Guitar Strap! You can see her with her strap right about 1:39 into the video:

Nikki first got that strap sometime back in 2007 when underground Skullphone street artist Spazmat gave it to her as a gift. It cool to see that Nikki's still getting a lot of use out of it two years later as these guys have been on near constant world festival and concert tours ever since.

We decided to do a quick Google Image Search and, we must say, from the looks of these pics it's hard to imagine anyone rocking skulls more elegant than Nikki:


Silversun Pickups Bass Player Nikki

Nikki 3

If you haven't heard the band, they sound about smart as Nikki looks. Something like the very early Smashing Pumpkins, Gish record mixed in with more good early 90's shoegaze. The band is currently touring in support of their new record in the US, and leaves for Europe in early July. The Silversun Pickups new record Happy Swoon is available on Dangerbird Records.

By the way, these Skullphone Guitar Straps are almost gone, there are a couple in black and a few in brown. We are not sure when and if we will be making more, so get them while you can.

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