The Reuben Slimline II Wallet

The Reuben Slimline II Wallet

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The Reuben Slimline II Wallet


This is the smaller, lighter, lower profile version of our full sized Reuben Wallet. If you're the type that just needs something to carry one or two cards and a bit of cash folded over, this is the perfect wallet for you! 

This Limited Edition Slimline also works great for a front pocket wallet, and in tighter pants and jeans. We actually have one of these we use just on the weekends or when we have a gig. We just put in our ID, ATM and bit of cash, and it fits perfectly into our tightly tailored 60's mod suit.

Like it's big brother, the Slimline Reuben Wallet looks sharp. Black pocket with back sky blue panel and matching hand sewn tag on one side, and bright orange and white racing stripes over black on the other.

Hand made here in California by people you might actually be friends with if you met them in real life.