The Chrysler 78 Orange Stripe Slimfold Wallet

The Chrysler 78 Orange Stripe Slimfold Wallet

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The Chrysler 78 Orange Stripe Slimfold Wallet


Even though this is about the slimmest strongest full-sized wallet you'll find anywhere, these still hold a lot of stuff- you can get up to about 12 cards in the pockets plus plenty of bills and receipts in the fold. The low cut front pockets allow easy full view and access for your ID, which we find works better than those clear "ID holders" that yellow and crack with time and most doormen and cops make you take your ID out anyway.

This vintage 1970's racing stripe print vinyl has a great detailed pattern to it- beige and brown monochrome stripes punctuated by an occasional bolt of orange. Very vintage and timeless at the same time. This was too sweet to leave hiding for another 40 years! We cut these wallets on a bias with our 16 ton die press to give the racing stripe a more asymmetrical look.  Continuing to riff on the vintage motif, we made the inside with an even heavier vintage inspiration- bright orange panel fronted by beige and brown pockets of the same vintage vinyl.

Did we mention this wallet was hand made in The USA in our California workshop and delivered to your door at an incredible price? Or that this wallet is vegan and sweatshop free and made by dudes that you might have a beer with sometime if they were your neighbor?   Also available in blue as the Chevy Truck Slimfold Wallet.

*NOTE* Snap-less version SOLD OUT