Brown 80's Mercedes Wallet

Made from Vintage Mercedes Vinyl.

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Brown 80's Mercedes Wallet


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Winter 2015- Update- We found a SCRAP of this vinyl and were able to make a tiny few more of these super rad wallets. We have scoured the nation and can find no more of this Brown and blue Mercedes Vinyl so these are the last few left in the world

There is a little more  Brown 80's Mercedes vinyl we just found, the new (and FINAL) batch is now ready. So if you really want one, we suggest you get one of these now. We've been searching and searching for the Brown Mercedes and we can't find more. This will likely be the last run of these vintage vinyl wallets. The first two mini runs sold out because they rule. Here's the description:

This is our brand new Brown 80's Mercedes Wallet. Like our Brown 80's Mercedes Guitar Strap, this wallet is made of actual vintage upholstery vinyl intended for use in upholstering the bucket seats of late 70's and early 80's Mercedes Benz cars.

We actually made just over 50 more of these vegan, cruelty-free vinyl wallets with left over material we upcycled from the production of our guitar straps.

We've been using our Couch Wallets for months now to make sure the design is as functional as it is sharp-looking and we're loving ours.  Notice the "low-cut" front inside pockets?. These work great to securely hold your often-used cards like your ID, ATM and credit card for instance.  We purposely left out the old clear plastic "I.D. Cover" a lot of wallets have, because we find almost everyone that needs to see your ID- cops, doormen, bartenders, security back stage, etc forces you to take your ID out anyway so what's the point?

The larger back pockets are perfect for stashing lesser used cards and the like, and the billfold opening holds plenty of cash and receipts and stuff.

This run of wallets also includes a change pocket, so you can stash guitar picks and change.

These wallets are personally die cut by us (see picture) to ensure each wallet gets a great cut. We leave them un-lined to keep them slimmer, and then we  hand-attach a slim "parallel spring" style snap for a secure but low-profile closure. The detail inside includes a Couch logo pattern silk screened on the inside lining, front pockets made with Blue 80's Mercedes Vinyl and a heat stamped logo sewn onto the front pocket.

These highly limited edition upcycled wallets are hand-sewn by us here at Couch.

Stores please note these wallets are available for retail purchase only.