The Vintage Volkswagen Guitar Strap- Dark Red

The Vintage Volkswagen Guitar Strap

The Vintage Volkswagen Guitar Strap- Dark Red


2017 Update- We are down to the very last production lot of this classic color of this classic vintage guitar strap. At some point soon these vintage straps will no longer be available at any price so get one now or forever hold your peace.

Even if this strap wasn't made from 30 or 40 year old vintage found deadstock vinyl originally intended for use in 70's Volkswagen Beetles, it would be killer. But it is. Introducing the Vintage Volkswagen Guitar Strap from Couch.

Whether on your guitar or on the seat of the 72 Beetle (pictured left), the pattern and color of this vinyl looks amazing. Plus the color goes perfectly with about any red shade guitar from a Fiesta Red Strat to a Candy Apple Red Gibson GS-137, to a pure red Red Eastwood Airline Copy; or even the Rickenbacker 330 pictured here with Matt. Add in the back story--that you can tell people that it's the same deadstock material used to upholster vintage VW's--and besides having something that's highly limited edition, cruelty free, vegan, and  Hand Made In The USA , you've got something that's a fun conversation piece too.

Like all Couch Straps, these limited edition Vintage Volkswagen Straps are strong and built to rock by working guitar players. In fact Matt- the guy in the pictures- is the actual guy who made this run of straps for you. How many companies can put in the picture of the guy or girl that hand made your product?!! In addition to this maroon, oxblood, wine color shown here, this stap also available in Black and Vintage Brown. Rock. For other limited edition items also made out of this material, please see also VW Keychain Pick HolderThe Vintage Volkswagen Wallet, The Vintage VW Camera Strap, VW Women's Wallet, The Vintage VW Passport Wallet, and the Vintage Volkswagen Belt.