The Tan 1960's GMC Truck Bench Wallet


The Tan 1960's GMC Truck Bench Wallet


These beautiful chevron patterned embossed wallets are made of vinyl originally intended to upholstery 1960's GMC Trucks. The pattern and texture is as amazing as the vinyl is vintage and rare. The almost western vibe has a beautiful symmetric pattern, and this thicker vintage vinyl  looks brilliant as the flap folds over and snaps to the other side of the wallet.

We found the last of this beautiful vintage vinyl at an old auto upholstery vinyl shop near us in Bellflower California. In addition to 1960's GMC Trucks that that used this vinyl, it was also used later in Chevy and Ford vans and trucks into the early 1980's. It's rare, rad, rough and ready. After a few weeks in your pocket this vinyl stretches just a bit "settles in" like it would on the bench of one of those old trucks and just feels great......and lasts forever.

We make these by personally hand cutting each pattern out with a 16 ton die cutter, and then hand silk-screening a Couch logo pattern on the inside, leaving it unlined for a slimmer profile. There are enough pockets to hold at least 12 credit cards or ID's, plus a full billfold area inside for bills receipts checks etc. The wallet closes securely with a parallel spring snap and you're ready for action. Also available in Red and Grey and in Green as Sunglasses Case. Please note, these wallets are highly limited edition by design and will eventually sell out forever.