The Plain Black Vegan Belt


The Plain Black Vegan Belt


A heavy duty plain black vegan belt with removable snap delivered to your door for around 20 bucks! It's that simple. Why are all the other vegan belt makers charging up to twice the price (or more!) than Couch for such a basic vegan necessity? We're not sure, but we've been making our Plain Black Vegan Belt for years now, including wearing them every day, to make sure we feel we're offering you what we think is the BEST plain vegan belt in the world at any price! About this belt: removable snap buckle, hand tooled, reinforced metal eyelets for added durability. Also check out our new Plain Black Vegan Wallet, and of course for your guitar and camera check out our best selling Plain Black Vegan Strap.

More about this belt: This belt is a redesign on our original Plain Black Vegan Belt we've been making for years. We've replaced the old thicker stiffer 2-layered vinyl with a softer, stonger 3-layered vinyl similar to the construction of our guitar straps for an even longer lasting belt.

Sizing disclaimer: The measurements given for each size option are based on the actual measurements from the post of the buckle to the middle hole in the belt, not the "vanity sizing" waist size your pant maker may be calling your size.To determine your belt size take a favorite belt and measure from center post of buckle to the hole you use, then subtract 2 inches. So if you meausure 36 inches, you are a size 34. For more info PLEASE check our Belt Sizing Blog. Vegan, Cruelty, Sweatshop Free, Made in USA in our California Workshop at a price that's right. Rock! Couch.