The Oxblood and Buckskin Camera Strap

The Oxblood and Buckskin Camera Strap

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The Oxblood and Buckskin Camera Strap


We use recycled seat belt fabric to make this simple, classic and fashion forward strap.

Starting with sturdy, recycled oxblood colored seatbelt fabric, we add on vegan buckskin colored ends and our own foil heat stamp. The ends universal 3/8" webbing with adjustable hardware, and the seatbelt slides smooth over your shoulder as you pull the camera up to capture a moment.

As you can see, unlike traditional narrower camera straps, Couch Seat Belt Camera Straps can be comfortably worn across the shoulder "guitar strap style" instead of only looped around your neck. These straps are adjustable too.

This straps are made in our California Workshop and are sturdy, sharp hand made and vegan- all at a fair price. Rock!