The Multi-Colored Cat Camera Strap

The Multi-Colored Cat Camera Strap

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The Multi-Colored Cat Camera Strap


Catz. We had this shirt with a cat on it. We liked it a lot. We said "hey we should make that into a camera strap!" We did. Presenting to you the Cat Strap from Couch. Each cat is hand silk-screened onto vinyl at our California Workshop. We then then die cut out these kitties out on our 16 ton press and hand sew three of them onto an a high quality strap made of new stock automotive and furniture upholstery vinyl. This multi-colored one rules. Orange, Vintage Beige, and Mint Blue Cats stare stoically from a very fashion forward linen colored strap. Um yeah this strap rules.
More on the construction:
Sweatshop-free. Vegan. Double stitched on both sides, plastic adjustable hardware, a little longer than the average strap, cruelty-free, made in USA so that you may rock.

This Cat Camera Strap also available in Black, White, and Custom. If you're a cat maniac, please also check Cat Wallet, Cat Guitar Strap, and  Cat Tee Shirt. Watch our stupid video on cats here.