The Mary/Guadalupe Seatbelt Guitar Strap


The Mary/Guadalupe Seatbelt Guitar Strap


This was the first image ever sewn onto a guitar strap at Couch way back in the day. Our bass player friend Chris wanted a guitar strap to match the big Virgin Mary tattoo on his arm so he gave us this actual image cut from a Catholic prayer card and asked me to sew it on a seatbelt guitar strap for him.

There is a curious following for this kind of Christian, Catholic icon art and since then, this has been our most popular strap to date. We were told two guys from the classic 1980’s punk rock band T.S.O.L. were using them, as well as Flea’s daughter who bought one from the Vice store in Silverlake, and Shon “GoldenBoy” Sullivan who was Elliot Smith’s long time touring piano and guitar player has one too.

It is a simple, beautiful, cruelty free vegan guitar strap with soul. Comes in maroon, and black.