The Vintage Volkswagen Wallet: Red, Brown, Green


The Vintage Volkswagen Wallet: Red, Brown, Green


This wallet is made of the exact vintage 1970's deadstock vinyl used to upholster many early 1970's VW Beetles and early 1980's Volkswagen Rabbits and Jettas! The dark, off-red color and pattern looks amazing. We even found an interior view picture of a 1972 Beetle with the same vinyl! Weirdly, this stuff had just been sitting in an old warehouse gathering dust for years when we found it so we were stoked to put this beautiful limited edition vinyl to brilliant use!

We personally hand die-cut each piece for these wallets to ensure we get a perfect cut of this 35-plus year old vinyl each time. We then leave them un-lined to keep them slimmer, and then we hand-attach a slim "parallel spring" syle snap for a secure but low-profile closure. Notice the intense attention to detail on these wallets. We stitch the outside with a bright blue, and the inside back pockets with a matching blue color that even shows with the side view of the closed wallet.

Also notice the "low-cut" front inside pockets?  These work great to securely hold your often-used cards like your ID, ATM and credit card. We purposely left out the old clear plastic "I.D. Cover" a lot of wallets have, because we find almost everyone that needs to see your ID- cops, doormen, bartenders, security back stage, etc, forces you to take your ID out anyway so whats the point? These highly limited edition upcycled wallets are hand-sewn by us here at Couch. Also see The Slimline Volkswagen Wallet for the smaller version of this wallet, and for other limited edition items also made of this material, please see The Vintage VW Guitar Strap , The Vintage VW Camera Strap, The Vintage VW Passport Wallet, and The Vintage Volkswagen Belt, and Women's Wallet.  This wallet is also available in Green & Brown with a coin pouch.