The All White Cat Camera Strap

The All White Cat Camera Strap

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The All White Cat Camera Strap


Cats. We had this shirt with a cat on it. We liked it a lot. We said "hey we should make that into a camera strap!" We did.

Presenting to you the Cat Camera Strap in All White from Couch. Each cat is hand silk-screened onto vinyl at our California Workshop. We then then die cut out these kitties out on our 16 ton press and hand sew three of them onto an a high quality strap made of new stock automotive and furniture upholstery vinyl. We think the white is probably our favorite because stands out, but is also simple and goes with everything. Um yeah this strap rules.

More on the construction:
Sweatshop-free. Vegan. Double stitched on both sides, plastic adjustable hardware, a little longer than the average strap, cruelty-free, made in USA so that you may rock.

This Cat Camera Strap also available in Black, Multi-Colored, and Custom. If you're a cat maniac, please also check Cat Wallet, Cat Guitar Strap, and  Cat T Shirt.