Odds & Ends

Cool Vintage Guitar Pick Holders and Sunglasses Cases

Love your Couch guitar strap?  Then how about a Couch sunglasses case...we don't charge normal sunglass case prices.  Like all our products, our T-shirts, guitar pick holders and other odds & ends are perfectly affordable. For other stringed instrument players out there, we haven't forgotten you!  Check out our Couch vegan mandolin straps and vegan banjo straps.  Of course, both come with the same durability, affordability and ultra good looks as our Guitar straps.  Same cruelty-free, Made in U.S.A products from upcycled materials.  In this case, it's upcycled upholstery material.  Our designers made these right in the shop, and we use them in the shop and on the stage as well since we are actual musicians. We also have western mandolin straps & western banjo straps.

Speaking of musicians, we have lots of little doo-dads you'll love.  Along with our cool banjo straps, we have guitar pick holders, and they're made of vintage car material as well.  These are guitar pick holder keychains, too.  For girls who like to rock, we make brightly colored and floral guitar pick holder keychains and a coordinating sunglasses case. Our Cherokee series on-trend; ladies' handbags are roomy yet organized and hand-sewn for durability.  The same 1970's Jeep Cherokee vinyl upholstery that's in our famous guitar straps makes a totally stunning handbag.  Add the super cool sunglass case and you're set to go.