Web Friends of Couch San Antonio Texas' best guitar shop and on-line store. Go to camp, start a band, and rock on stage in front of a screaming crowd?! Middle schoolers on up. A school of rock that is a division of Ralph's House of Tone in New Hamphshire.  Improve your guitar playing skills greatly with simple to use jazz guitar lessons. Killer videos and box sets for learning to play guitar. Right on! Musical instruments and equipment. Buy guitars, basses, keyboards, drums piano etc. Best prices around.   


Vintage Guitars on VintageandRare    Europe’s largest online platform for vintage guitars.


Ron's World of Guitars A man with a passion for guitars. Nice!


SRV Guitar Learn how to build your own replica of the classic srv strat!


Guitar Tricks On-line guitar lessons, 45 Instructors, over 3000 lessons. Rock!


Just Strings Strings for every stringed instrument you can imagine.


Buffalo Brothers Guitars  The best guitar store in Northern San Diego County for sure. Cool guys that work there too.

ZE Auto Parts - Awesome girl fronted garage rock band from LA proper.


Sounds Are Active - Long Beach based independent record label for free jazz/improv, experimental hip-hop and electronic artists. - Unique gifts, swanky home decor, retro & vintage items, nerdy stuff, and green gifts.


Social Studies Design  - They silkscreen lots of great shirts and jackets and whatnot. Match your brilliant SocialStudiesForCouch guitar strap with a cool vintage mens’ dress jacket with a bird on the lapel.


Busy Beaver Buttons - We make custom buttons good, fast and cheap.


Veganica - Online gallery of vegetarian/vegan artists and artisans. Includes forums, news and product reviews.


BUST - For women with something to get off their chests.


deadline LA - Clothing and accessories, and soon to be a magazine about fashion, music, and art.


Secret Handshake  - Brilliant artist series t-shirts from skaters and art scene gurus like Travis Millard, Thom Lessner, Navada Hill, Tim Kerr, Brett Superstar and Abby Friedman.


All Vegan Shopping  - Great site for vegan stuff and a cool store in San Diego too!


Coffin Case - They make guitar cases that look like velvety lined coffins. There are cute goth girls who stand next to the cases in their added wearing black leather bikini’s and a lot of eyeliner. Word.


Analog Man - These guys modify the circuits in Ibanez Tube Screamers (and other pedals) to make them sound like or better than the vintage originals. I bought there basic 808 mod, and my RICKENBACKER has never sounded so good. Seriously people, this is the site for pedalists who love brilliant tone. They also make and sell the finest handmade effects pedals.


Bananas at Large  - This is one of the best music equipment and pro-audio stores we’ve ever been to, really. It’s in the inland San Francisco Bay area. By the way all the kids that work there are hipper than you, but nicer than your mom.


  - Guitar lessons and tools for beginning and intermediate guitar players.



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