The Cadillac Bronzeburst Guitar Strap

Threads set to match the color fades of sunburst guitars.

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The Cadillac Bronzeburst Guitar Strap


These auto vinyl guitar straps were upcycled from the 30-40 year old actual vintage, found, deadstock upholstery vinyl originally intended to be used as the outer hard top on old Cadillacs! This vinyl has a beautiful bronze color that we finish by using two different shades of orange stitching on the front of the strap- one darker on the outstide, and one lighter on the inside- which emulates the dusky color fades of all classic sunburst guitars. We even throw in a tiny hint of yellow stitch on the back inside for the final sunburst touch. This is a study in sunburst. It's classic, mellow, understated and sharp, like our black Cadillac Sunburst Guitar Strap, only with bronze and copper. The last of this vinyl has already been used so this will be it for these straps.

These straps are constructed using our luggage stitch process which emulates the double "luggage stitch" sides of our favorite vintage Samsonite handbags. The end tabs are punched out here at Couch by hand on a 16 ton die cutter, and the metal hardware for this strap is custom forged for Couch. The back tab is hand-affixed with 3 stainless steel rivets and you are now ready to rock. Hand Made in USA from mostly vintage found deadstock materials, sweatshop free, vegan, made by people who actually know what a guitar is. Rock. Also available in Silver and as a severely Limited Run Camera Strap.