The 80's American Checkers Guitar Strap

The 80's American Checkers Guitar Strap

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The 80's American Checkers Guitar Strap


If you're looking for a checkered guitar strap that stands out from all the rest in history, you're in the right place. Introducing the 80's American Checkers Strap from Couch. This 30 year old vintage deadstock automotive upholstery fabric was found at one of our favorite old car supply warehouses in downtown LA where it had been sitting around since about the time Reagan was president. This type of checkered fabric was used in some mid 1980's Ford cars like the Brougham and Mercury Topaz, and according to the guys at the shop, also GMC's. We've re-purposed this vintage fabric to make a great looking guitar strap.

The high contrast tweed pattern is a classic combination of dark blue steel mixed with a much lighter grey,  and the whole strap will look darker or lighter based on the angle you're viewing it from. The colors go great with most guitars like this Sunburst Stratocaster. If you do a quick google search for "checkered guitar strap" you will see most others are the old black and white checkers on the cheap nylon webbing have been around for years.... ho hum.........

Like the '79 Psychedelic Ford Mustang Cloth Guitar Strap, this heavy duty automotive cloth is backed with black upholstery vinyl, and finished with our own heavy duty vegan end tabs and custom metal hardware in our California workshop. The back tab has three steel rivets holding it all together. We originally did this strap in a dark red color way that sold out and can't be replaced. We just found one roll of this new really classic colorway and this will also be a very limited run, and, like their predecessors, when they're gone they're gone so get one of these straps while you can!

Also available as a Camera Strap.