The Neon Green '76 Vintage Vinyl Guitar Strap

The Neon Green '76 Vintage Vinyl Guitar Strap

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The Neon Green '76 Vintage Vinyl Guitar Strap


It's always cool when there's a little of "back then" mixed in with the "never before". Although bright neons, like the 35 year old vintage vinyl used for this amazing lime green guitar strap, are resurfacing, they are often showing up for the first time paired with neutrals like linen and beige. When we found this super pop vintage neon upholstery vinyl dated on back to 1976 (see photo of marked backside of material) we just knew we had to make it into a strap. Keeping it 21st Century though we added some linen stitching- but just on the back side over white vinyl for a subtle touch. It looks pretty sweet!

We found a small roll of this vinyl so these straps are in limited supply and sure to be gone soon. Trust us, no one else is going to get you a limited edition vintage guitar strap this sharp, made in the USA of 35 year old  vinyl for this price. These straps rule!

More about this construction of strap- all our guitar straps are hand made in our California workshop. The end tabs are punched out here by hand on a 16 ton die cutter, and the metal hardware for this strap is custom forged for Couch. The back tab is hand affixed with 3 stainless steel rivets and you are now ready to rock. Hand Made in USA from mostly vintage found deadstock materials, sweatshop free, vegan, made by people who actually know what a guitar is. Rock!
 Also available as a Neon Green '76 Camera Strap.