The Red 80's Mercedes Camera Strap

The Couch Camera Strap: Red 80's Mercedes

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The Red 80's Mercedes Camera Strap


Introducing the new Couch Red 80's Mercedes Camera Strap! These reversible straps are made of the exact same 2 inch wide strapping material as our incredibly high quality and unique Deadstock Luggage and Classic Luggage guitar straps. Because of this we can keep the prices of these down to about half of what some of our competitors charge for similar custom camera straps.

Pictured is the Red 80's Mercedes Camera Strap. You will not find a more unique and beautiful oxblood camera stap anywhere. As you can see, unlike traditional narrower camera straps, Couch Camera Straps can be comfortably worn across the shoulder "guitar strap style" instead of only looped around your neck. Note that these adjustable straps, unlike our guitar straps, are entirely reversible, which allows you two color options on many of the straps. The backside of these burgundy Mercedes Camera Straps are a neutral black. We've been testing several of these straps for a while now with several professional photographers (and amateurs like ourselves!) to rave reviews and we can honestly say this is a super strong, great looking, and highly functional strap for your camera made of upcycled materials. It's time to replace your old Nikon camera strap now! Rock!