The Mustang Trunk Liner Camera Strap

The Mustang Trunk Liner Camera Strap

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The Mustang Trunk Liner Camera Strap


The grey plaid vinyl used to make this Mustang Camera Strap is the same vinyl style that was used as a trunk liner for many late 60's and early 70's Ford Mustangs! That vinyl is long gone, but there is a company that makes one run of this stuff each year for vintage car buffs and we got our hands on some to make this strap.

This Deadstock Style Mustang Trunk Liner Vinyl has a great plaid flavor to it, almost like the vintage suits the pattern-makers were emulating back in the 60’s when it was first introduced. If you note closely, this vinyl pattern is very intricate- it starts with very subtle beige stripes running across the a greyish/light blue background at 45 degree angles. Then the darker, more obvious black plaid markings offer the third detail of the vinyl opposing each other at right angles. It looks sharp man!

Plus it made from vinyl they put in vintage Mustangs (and some Cadillacs too)! We finish the strap off with our own intricate Couch details, like yellow thread on top that reads as neutral on most guitars, or perfectly brings out shades of sunburst guitars, and then an all black vinyl and stitched back that keeps the whole thing visually together. Nice! Also available as a Guitar Strap and a Slim Wallet.

Like all trunk lining, this material has a thick cotton backing that you can’t see in the finished strap, it gives the strap a sturdy almost stiff feel that does seem to work well on the shoulder. Your camera will love it.