The Recycled Navy Blue Seatbelt Camera Strap

The Recycled Navy Blue Seatbelt Camera Strap

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The Recycled Navy Blue Seatbelt Camera Strap


This is our Couch Seatbelt Camera Strap made with recycled Navy seatbelt material. It's extra light and slides great across your shoulder as you move it up and down to take a shots, check your viewfinder, and then relax. The seatbelt material looks great and sparkles under the sun or with overhead lighting, and the Navy hue changes from a very dark to a much lighter blue under different lighting.

As you can see, unlike traditional narrower camera straps, Couch Seatbelt Camera Straps can be comfortably worn across the shoulder "guitar strap style" instead of only looped around your neck.  These straps are adjustable too.

We've been testing several of these seatbelt camera straps for a while now with several professional photographers (and amateurs like ourselves!) to rave reviews and we can honestly say this is a super strong, great looking, and  highly functional strap for your camera made of upcycled materials.

Rock. This strap is available in all our Recycled Seatbelt Colors: Industrial Orange, Industrial Silver, Army Green, Maroon and Black. Also available as a Couch Seatbelt Guitar Strap.