The Couch White w/ Black Racer X Camera Strap

The Couch White w/ Black Racer X Camera Strap

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The Couch White w/ Black Racer X Camera Strap


Introducting the new Couch Racer X Camera Strap! These straps are made of the exact same 2 inch wide strapping material as our incredibly high quality and unique Racer X Guitar Straps. Because of this we can keep the prices of these down to about less than half of what some of our competitors charge for similar custom camera straps, plus our straps kick ass.

Pictured above is the White and Black Racer X Camera Strap. As you can see, unlike traditional narrower camera straps, Couch Straps can be comfortably worn across the shoulder "guitar strap style" instead of only looped around your neck. 

We've been these making straps for a while now. We've been using them ourselves and so have our friends and so have tons of amateur and professional photographers who have purchased them off the site- all to rave reviews. These straps are all limited edition and based solely on the production schedules of our guitar straps. We make these straps from odd cuts of our Racer X Guitar Straps- for about every 100 guitar straps we have just enough to make about 4 or 5 of these camera straps in any given color. These highly unique, Made in USA, sweatshop free limited edition upcylced camera straps are available only on this site direct from Couch at an incredible price.

We can do these in most of our other Racer X colors, just enter your color preference at time of order in the "comments" section: Brown with White, Grey with White, Dark Red with White, Brown with Orange, Army with White, Vintage Blue with White, Silver with Black, and Black with White. Not pictured but also available are Brown with Aqua, White with Red, Aqua with Black, Red with Aqua, Vintage Cadillac Black with White, and White with Orange. You can see all of these straps at the Racer X Guitar Straps section of our site. If you do not indicate a choice, we'll assume you want White with Black Stripe.