creating the strongest, longest-lasting cruelty-free guitar straps in the world

creating the strongest, longest-lasting cruelty-free guitar straps in the world

creating the strongest, longest-lasting cruelty-free guitar straps in the world

creating the strongest, longest-lasting cruelty-free guitar straps in the world

Building a Couch Guitar Strap

Your Couch Guitar Strap is made with love here at the Couch Factory and Design Studio near Long Beach California. We start by finding giant rolls of often vintage, found, or new-old-stock automotive and upholstery vinyl or recylced seatbelt material at automotive and upholstery warehouses and then choosing the best colors. Our sew-assembly includes some of the most state-of-art custom sewing machines in existence. In addition we rock-test each design with our own guitars before sending them on to you.


 Automotive and industrial vinyl is often stronger and more resilient  than "fashion" vinyl, and looks really great too. We use at least 25% vintage "recycled" vinyl because a) this is a good thing, and b) this stuff often looks freaking amazing and makes great limited edition straps.

Seat belt material also  makes some of the best guitar straps because seatbelts are strong, look great, and adjust more easily than any other material (they’re seat belts, dummy!). Why didn’t someone else think of this first? (Copycats start lining up now, we see you coming.) Instead everyone always seems to use cumbersome leather or the cheap nylon webbing you find in everything from those $6 China-made straps to the $80 fashion designer ones. Sorry for them. Plus our straps are also cut about ½ foot longer than the average guitar strap for those of us who are bigger or who like to play low.

Our vinyl straps are made of three layers of automotive upholstery vinyl for extra padding and strength, and the back tab is then stainless-steel-riveted together. They're pretty strong man. The truth is though; the best part about our vinyl guitar straps is they look great. Lead the way. Rock a Couch vinyl Guitar Strap.

Making Vegan Guitar Strap Tabs

Few guitar strap makers have paid as much attention to their end tabs as we have at Couch. Guitar strap tabs are the end pieces of the guitar strap that hook onto the guitar.

Ever notice how many other guitar strap websites never even show you a picture of their tabs? That’s the hardest part to make right, especially for vegan straps, which is why they don’t even show you the tabs at all. Click here for a comparison of Couch straps and fashion designer straps. Check out our hand sewn, “keyholed,” “vegan power pad enforced” upholstery vinyl tabs!

All our end tabs are made of die-cut, super strong, yet flexible, couch and marine upholstery vinyl. Sewn inside our tabs is our secret “vegan power pad” material, which isn’t really all that secret as it is flexible and strong. Each individual tab is hand embossed with our logo, and hand riveted on the back, and we use  highly specialized state-of-the-art machinery to sew around the keyholes and finish our straps.

We know our straps last because we’ve been testing, rocking and improving our straps on the stage and in the shop for years. We were the first company that wasn’t completely lame to ever make and sell a vegan guitar strap on the web in 1999.

Made in USA. Cruelty Free, Sweatshop Free!

Couch Guitar Straps are made in The United States in downtown Los Angeles, California in sweatshop free environments. We are constantly creating proprietary production methods with our producers to maximize quality and efficiency. We also sell most of our straps direct to you elimating the middle man. This enables United States production while still keeping our price to you reasonable. Our vegan guitar straps are also made of 100% cruelty free products, employ guitar players to make yoru strap, and use tons of recycled, found and deadstock materials in our contructions. Word.

Ever wonder who's making your Couch Strap? Click here to meet the team!